Massage Therapy Reading

Best Therapeutic Massage

3 styles massages and aftercare advice in the Therapy Centre, Church Street, Reading.


Massage services:

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage and Stretch

Acupoint and Japanese Seitai Massage

Both massages involve the following techniques:

Gentle manipulation and stretches. The process will promote greater flexibility and develop a range of motion.

Joint flexibility, range of motion and muscle tightness are tested carefully. Of course, you will experience a relaxing massage as well. Firm pressure massage with steady rhythm stimulates the deep layers of muscles, tissues, facia and tendons. Blood circulation removes waste, damaged cells and reduces fatigue, chronic muscle tension, tightness and dull aches.

Focusing on exact areas of the body that you are concerned about which can be overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements, or injured. Sometimes the pain might be caused from another part of the body. You will be checked from toe, ankle, knee, sacroiliac joint, lower back, mid back, shoulder, neck and the muscles will be stimulated. This holistic approach will offer relief from tightness and soreness. If you have headaches you will be able to have a scalp and face massage as well.

Please talk to Tosh if you would like to receive good aftercare advice.